Its a big day around here! Abby lost her very first tooth!!!! Her two bottom front teeth have been wiggly FOREVER and finally the one on the right was loose enough for her to pull out. She had been playing with it today (she doesn't ever really do this so I was wondering how loose it really was) and I asked her if I could check it out. It was really loose so I encouraged her to go to the bathroom and pull it. She was excited at first and even asked if Mckenzie and I would cheer for her. So we were her little cheerleaders and it was all giggles and smiles until she twisted it enough to see it bleed. Then she got scared and started crying, saying she didn't want to lose her tooth today. So, after a lot of coaxing (at least 10 minutes), I got her to give it a final tug. She was so surprised when it fell out into her hand. The look on her face was priceless. Shock. Amazement. Pride. That is what was written on her face. She couldn't decide to look at her tooth or at her new smile. She has been telling me to look at her new smile all night.  And to be honest, I feel like she hasn't stopped smiling since. So now the tooth is neatly wrapped in a Kleenex under Abby's pillow awaiting the arrival of the tooth fairy.

Mckenzie hasn't been feeling the greatest today. I sent her to school because she seemed okay this morning, but it seems she has picked up a GI bug. Yuck :( I am hoping she feels better soon and the rest of us avoid it.

Playing around with her tooth.
001 Abby

Pulling on it...
004 Abby

So close!!!
009 Abby's first lost tooth

It's out!
010 Abby's first lost tooth

Checkin it out!
011 Abby's first lost tooth

The Tooth
017 Abby first lost tooth (FRL)

Abby's new smile :)
018 Abby's first lost tooth

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  1. yay Abi! A LOT of Ben's friends have lost teeth already, but Ben's are still tight as can be. I think I was in 1st grade when I lost my first one. I love that she pulled it out herself!