Abby woke up early this morning and was over the moon that they tooth fairy had paid her a visit last night. The tooth fairy left her a book and a little bit of cash :) She couldn't wait to get to school so she could show her teacher she had lost her tooth last night.  I still find it odd to look at her smile. It has been the same for so long and now she looks older, different. Still my little girl, but it is just another sign that she is growing up.

Mckenzie was feeling much better today and was back to her normal self. Unfortunately, Abby seems to have picked it up. :( She said her tummy hurt tonight at bedtime. Hopefully hers will be as short lived as Mckenzie's.

I was helping Mckenzie button her raincoat this morning and she looked at me with the sweetest face and said "I want to be a mommy when I grow up" (My heart melted when I heard that) Then she said "I want to be a mommy so I can make beds." Really? Is that all she thinks I do? Silly girl! 003 cookies

I made some chocolate chip cookie bars that I found on Pinterest. They were a little dry, but they did taste good dunked in a glass of milk. Abby liked them so much she had two! Mckenzie picked out the chocolate chips and was done.

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