Abby had the day off from school so I scheduled a play date for her. She was very excited to hang out at her friend's house for a good bit of the day. Mckenzie also had a play date and she was beyond happy. She has been begging me to play with this little girl for the longest time and it finally happened :) Mckenzie wasn't gone as long as Abby so I took her to the store to use a gift card she had gotten for Christmas. She picked out a Barbie for herself and even picked out a present for Abby. I love how generous she is. Scott and I had went to the movies with friends tonight. The theater was so cool. It served a full restaurant menu and had these huge reclining chairs. The only downside was that we were in the first row and it was a teeny, tiny bit too close for me, especially during the action scenes. 006 rose

022 valentines candy

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