We were in the car this morning and for once, we hit every green light (at least 17 according to Abby) we came to. Mckenzie decided that today was a greeen light kind of day. I guess that means it is a good day :) We were looking at treadmills today. We still haven't decided what to get yet. Hopefully we will decide soon. Although, I am not looking forward to having a treadmill in the living room. There is just no other place to put one. We were out to dinner tonight and Mckenzie fell asleep at the dinner table. She laid down on the booth seat and within minutes she was out. So, we boxed up her dinner and fed her when we got home. We had to turn on a little Party in the USA in order to wake her up on the way home. She started dancing before she even opened her eyes! Both girls just love that song. It cracks me up to listen to them sing and to watch them dance.

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