Happy Valentine's Day! I feel so bad for Scott. He didn't get home from work until 1:30 in the morning and he was out of the house to go back by 6:30. Abby had her school Valentines party and Mckenzie went to a friend's house so I could help out with the party. It was so much fun. The kids made a heart and painted it and then we played freeze dance but instead of freezing when the music stopped, the kids put stickers all over each other. It was hilarious to watch them and I even ended up with a couple of stickers on my face! Abby had a huge smile on her face the entire time. I am so thankful to be able to participate in her school activities. I miss working, but I can work anytime. I can't get these moments back later on.

I watched a friend's children this afternoon and I can't believe how quickly 5 kids can tear apart a room, much less an entire house! I can't really blame the baby since she doesn't even sit up yet, but man, the rest of them were into every toy and game today. Good thing the kids are so sweet!

Abby had a TERRIBLE time going to bed tonight. She was beyond upset that Scott wasn't home for Valentines day. I don't think it was so much about the day as it was about missing Scott. We don't put much importance on Valentines around here. Yes, we let the kids exchange cards at school, but we don't do much at home. Shoot, I didn't even get Scott a card this year. I have no problem having a day to celebrate love, but that is what wedding anniversaries and birthdays are for. Do I like getting flowers? Sure. But I would rather get them on a random day for no reason at all. That to me shows how valued a relationship is. But, this is just my opinion :) I know there are many that just adore this holiday. Anyway, I digress. Abby talked about how she just wanted to spend this Valentines with Scott because she didn't get to spend it with him last year. She was just so upset that she even resorted to asking why Jesus couldn't change the hours that her daddy has to work. How do you explain to a six year old that God has a plan that we may never fully understand but yet it is the right pathway for our family? I tried to get her thinking a little more positively by talking about what we are thankful for and she was so sweet she made me cry. She said she was thankful that she had a Daddy that was so willing to work so hard for her family :( She was able to call Scott and talk with him for a few minutes and that seemed to help her a little, but she still cried herself to sleep :( It just tears me up to see her so sad.
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