Mckenzie had a Valentine's Day party at school today. She was so excited to see me, but her happiness was short lived. There is a little girl that Mckenzie has really taken an interest in and Mckenzie wanted to sit next to her while they ate their snack. Unfornately, there was no room next to her friend and Mckenzie ended up sitting at another table. She was heartbroken. She was crying and I had to take her out of the room to calm her down :( She did cheer up a bit towards the end of the party, but she wasn't her chipper self. Abby was so happy when she got home from school today. She raced into the house and opened up her backpack to show me a prize she had gotten. There are a couple special needs children that join in on certain activities with Abby's class and the teacher had said if anyone sees either of them trying to leave the classroom, that child is to let the teacher know. Well, Abby saw one of the little boys trying to do just that and she let her teacher know. Her teacher rewarded Abby with a ladybug craft project to bring home. Abby and I worked on it together after lunch and it was so fun to listen to her tell me the reason she got the craft project over and over :)I took the girls out to dinner and then grocery shopping. Scott is working really late tonight :( I hope he gets home soon. Mckenzie rockin' the skirt Grandma H. made for her. She just loves it!

017 Mckenzie


I have to say the amount of salt they use around here is beyond crazy. We got maybe an inch of snow the other day and the streets are just filled with salt!

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