I finally made it back to the gym and I pretty much rocked it today. I ran a 5k with my best time ever (38 minutes and 50 seconds) and then ran a little more :) I know that isn't a great time for many people, but it is for me. Even though I didn't get registered for the 10 mile race in May (I still can't believe over 30,000 people registered in 5 hours!) I am still working to my goal of 300 miles this year. I think I will try to do some 5k's and see what else is out there.

The girls were busy today. School and literacy class this afternoon. They made crowns with glitter and marker in class. Cute, but very messy. Mckenzie came home with marker on her forehead and in her hair, all up her arms and down the front of her dress. I guess she had a great time making it :)

001 Abby

006 MCkenzie

We went for a walk/bike ride this afternoon since it was so gorgeous here. It was at least 60 degrees! We brought the dog along and boy was that a mistake. She wanted to keep up with Abby who was riding her bike, but she kept getting tangled in the stoller Mckenzie was riding in. (Mckenzie didn't want to ride her bike because she needed to do her homework, aka her Dora coloring book) Abby did great riding her bike today, although she was concerned there might be bees outside that could sting her. She has been fixated on bees lately and always asks if there are bees outside before we go out to play. I have no idea why she is so concerned with bee stings, but she is.

Abby's dance class is working on their tap routine for their spring recital. It was fun to watch her perform and she had a big smile on her face while she was dancing.

I went to Zumba tonight and the girls had a babysitter. They did much better for her this week. Last week, Abby didn't want to go to bed and she was still up when I got home. Not this week though. I guess threatening to take away her iPad was the key :)

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