December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas! I am feeling so blessed this year because Scott is home to celebrate with us and we don't have the impending deployment weighing us down like we did last year. We had so much fun today. We helped the girls make gingerbread houses this morning. They both seem to like patterns and straight lines :) Mckenzie liked to eat the frosting more than decorate and spent her time telling me where to put things and licking her fingers. Abby worked really hard to make her house just the way she envisioned it and she even let Scott help her do some of the decorating. 

I had to brave the Walmart to pick up some Benadryl creme for Mckenzie. Turns out she is allergic to her new slippers and had a rash all over her feet. Poor girl. She was so sad that she can't wear her slippers anymore. Luckily, I had an extra pair for her and that seemed to make her happy:)

We went to church this afternoon for a Christmas Eve service. The children's choir sang several songs and Mckenzie even joined them up front for a couple! I am so proud of her for doing that! Abby just loves to sing and I can always her her belting out every song :)

When we got home, Scott and the girls played while I got our dinner ready. I kept it simple with cornish game hens and mashed potatoes. I didn't even make dessert, although it is usually only Scott and myself eating it anyway and I know I don't need it.

We opened presents tonight and the girls were in heaven! Abby was happy with all the Hello Kitty stuff she got. Her favorite present was her Fur Real dog whom she named Puppy.  She opened her presents in no time this year. Usually she takes forever to unwrap them but not this year! Mckenzie opened most of her clothes first and I think she was a tiny bit disappointed. Can't blame her! She's only three! Her favorite present was a horse whom she named Ella Amberlyn. She couldn't stop petting her horse or sitting on it (it's made for a doll, not little girls. I hope she doesn't break it any time soon!) She was also playing with her Blueberry Muffin doll from Grandma and Grandpa quite a bit. Scott was so generous and bought me the camera bag I have been begging for. I do have to admit, it is a wee bit larger than I thought! Good thing large bags are still fashionable! They are still fashionable right?!  The girls were having so much fun playing with all their new toys that bedtime was a little challenging. But, Scott showed the girls on the computer where Santa was and told them they had better hurry up before Santa skipped our house because they weren't sleeping. After a quick sprinkling of the front yard with reindeer food and setting out a plate of cookies and carrots, the girls were ready to head to bed with their new toys. Mckenzie tucked her horse in at the end of the bed and Abby tucked her dog in on her bean bag chair. I hope they fall asleep soon so we can get their Santa gifts ready... 031 037 Abby's gingerbread house 032 Mckenzie 040 Mckenzie's gingerbread house 075 Mckenzie 070 Abby 149 Mckenzie 130 Abby 119 Mckenzie 115 abby 113 Mckenzie 105 Abby 091 Mckenzie barb Abby 090 Abby Scott Mckenzie 088 Scott MCkenzie 080 Abby

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