Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mckenzie had dance this morning and the parents were invited to sit in the studio and watch. It was amazing to watch her perform in front of all the parents and she didn't even get nervous or scared. I am so proud of her. I hope she can do the same thing this spring when they have their big recital :) Abby knew one of the dances that Mckenzie's class was doing and she couldn't keep herself from joining in :) After class, Scott took the girls Christmas shopping and I went out to do a little more shopping on my own. I love knowing that I am almost done. Just a couple of more things for the girls and something for Scott. He has given me no ideas of what he wants and he is insisting that his hunting trip this fall was gift enough! Any gift ideas out there? We went to dinner tonight at Buffalo Wild Wings. I wish it were closer, but I guess it was worth the near hour drive:) At least Scott enjoyed his wings. I tried parmesan garlic and they were loaded with way too much cheese. Oh well. It was still a nice evening out and that is what matters.

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