Friday, December 9, 2011

Mckenzie woke up early today and was in a grumpy mood for most of it. I think she was missing Abby because all morning (and yes, I mean ALL morning) she was asking if we could go sit at the front door and wait for Abby's bus to come. Abby had a friend over to play this afternoon which gave me a bit of free time. Well, I only had free time after I put Mckenzie down for a nap. She does not normally nap because it keeps her up until 10pm, but she was so crabby that even letting her watch TV and laying on my bed (which she loves to do) didn't stop her from whining. I managed to get working on a few more Christmas decorations. I made a wreath for the front door and I am working on another wreath I saw on Pinterest. I ran out of Christmas bulbs so I couldn't finish that one :( Scott got home a bit earlier than normal so we all got to eat dinner together. I even had time to get some Christmas shopping done this evening. I have to say that I knocked out quite a bit of the shopping! I am trying to scale down what we buy for the girls this year and I hope Santa does too :)
106 dining room 108 wreath 107 copy wreath ornament

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