December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! What a blessing it is to celebrate the birth of Jesus! Abby woke up first and looked to see what Santa brought before coming into our room. Boy was she excited when she came in. The best part about that was she was happy about what Santa left for Mckenzie. She said "Mckenzie got a doll house like mine. The one she has been wanting!" She warms my heart! Mckenzie woke up a short time later and we let the girls open their gifts. Abby was thrilled to get an American Girl doll that looks like her with hazel eyes and dark blonde hair. She entertained herself with that doll for a long time. Abby was on cloud nine when she got her unicorn Happy Napper that she has been begging to have for months! Mckenzie was delighted with her Barbie doll house and the Happy Birthday doll that she requested. When we were in the store one day, she told me the three (because she is three) things she wanted were a Barbie doll house, a birthday Barbie doll and a horse. Good thing Santa listens!  We spent the day lounging around the house, playing with all the new games and toys. It was a wonderful Christmas!

029 Mckenzie 014 Abby 024 Mckenzie 005 Abby

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