Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The girls and I overslept so we didn't make it to the bus in time. One day this week we will get a Christmas gift to Abby's bus driver! I told Abby she needed to take a super fast shower this morning. If that was super fast, I would hate to see a long shower... Mckenzie and I hung out at the house this morning and waited for the pest guys to check the traps they left in the attic and garage. The good news is they only trapped one mouse. Hopefully that means we are at the end of the mouse issue. Now we just need to get rid of the awful smell in Mckenzie's room. We had church tonight and Mckenzie actually joined Abby in singing with the choir! I was shocked and I think Abby was too! Abby told Mckenzie before we left the house that if Mckenzie would sing with her, Abby would give her a special sticker. I love how encouraging Abby is towards Mckenzie. After the kids finished singing, we had fellowship and sangs some Christmas carols and ate some cookies. It was a very nice evening and Scott was able to join us for most of it.

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