Tuesday, December 27, 2011

We met up with some friends at a local play arena that has a huge jungle gym, inflatable slides, and roller skating. The girls had a pretty good time. Mckenzie got a blister from one of the slides and she didn't want to play anymore and she was sobbing and begging for more band aids. (apparently one wasn't enough). She is such a little homebody that she wanted to leave as soon as it happened. She finally came around and enjoyed the inflatable slides. I am glad she could leave happy. Abby had so much fun. She tried rollerskating for the first time and at first, she was terrified, but soon enough, she was loving it! Mckenzie on the other hand, did not want to roller skate today. So her and I watched Abby from the sidelines. 057 Mckenzie 121 Abby

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