Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mckenzie did great going to school this morning. She ran right into the classroom without even looking back :) She stayed for lunch bunch and her holiday class this afternoon so Abby and I had some one on one time again. Abby had dance this afternoon and the parents were able to sit in the dance studio to watch. It was so neat to see Abby dance! She seems to get tap dancing a little more than ballet. (Guess she is lacking the graceful gene like her momma!) I think with more practice though, she will get it. This is only her first year.
050 Abby dance 052 Abby 088 Abby dance 097 Abby dance 107 Abby splits 136 Abby

Buddy made a bit of a mess in the kitchen last night. He found the flour and made snow angels! I guess he is missing the North Pole... 045 Buddy Snowangel

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