Friday, December 23, 2011

Scott had the day off from work. It was nice to have him around the house today and I know the girls really enjoyed it too. Abby asked me "Does Daddy know where to go?" when I told her Scott would be driving her to school this morning. Before I could assure her he knew what he was doing, she generously offered to tell him what to do :) She is a very helpful little girl. Mckenzie and Scott ran to the store to pick up a last minute gift for Abby and supplies for the gingerbread houses we are going to be making tomorrow morning. I stayed home to put the finishing touches on the presents. We managed to get them all wrapped the other day, but they needed ribbons and bows to be really pretty :) We took the girls our for lunch and then worked on a couple of Christmas crafts at home. We made snowmen out of cotton balls and Santa ornaments. Tonight was a lot of fun. We got the girls ready for bed like normal, but when they went into their rooms (well, the playroom for Mckenzie since her room still smells funky!) we had a ticket good for one Christmas light sightseeing tour laying on their beds. When we explained what that meant, the girls were ecstatic! So, we loaded up our popcorn and hot chocolate and toured the neighborhoods in our area. There were some amazing lights out there! I can't imagine how much money some people spend to have their yards decorated! We had a blast driving around. I love being able to make memories with our girls. I want them to look back on their childhood and remember all the things we did together as a family. I want them to realize how no matter what else is happening, if you have family, you are still blessed. 035 Mckenzie 033 Abby 042 Abby and her snowman

Mckenzie didn't want to show off her snowman :(

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