Friday, December 16, 2011

Abby's kindergarten class made gingerbread houses in school today. Abby's was cute, but I had to do a little repair work on it as it tipped over in the car :( Mckenzie had a holiday party at her preschool. I got to help her make some crafts which was fun. The teachers put reindeer food in a tub for the kids to take and Mckenzie spent a good bit of the morning playing with that. As for Santa, Mckenzie wouldn't get near him. As soon as we walked into the room where he was waiting, she glued herself to the wall farthest from Santa. I sat next to Santa in hopes she would come to me and she did, but she buried her head into me and wouldn't even look his way. So, we grabbed a candy cane and headed out! Maybe next year...

I took both girls to a local tree farm where the girls went for a carriage ride, a horse ride and pet some farm animals. Both girls loved riding the horse and wanted to do it again!

We had a exterminator company come to evaluate the mice situation again. The play room and Mckenzie's room have foul odors so strong that we can't use either room. They see no evidence of rodents in the house (thank God) and set enough traps in the attic to catch a small army of mice. I hope this works. I am so tired of these nasty little things causing problems in the house. I am very tired of living in this house and I am looking forward to the day we walk out and never return. I am tired of being disrespected by the owners. The problems with the house could happen in any house, it is after all, 20 some years old. We expect there to be problems. It just drives me nuts that it takes at least a month to get paid back for the repairs and the little bit of email communication we have is poor at best. This last time, she tried to tell me the emails got lost. Really? And you never once thought to call or email us to see if the water heater repair was a big one? I mean if I had a renter that told me my water heater had a leak, I might be concerned I needed a new water heater. The time before that, the check got lost in the mail... I can't wait to see what the problem is this time!

Scott had a Christmas party at work this evening and I went out with some friends. Scott met up with us later on and it was great to hang out with everyone. 006 Mckenzie 009 Mckenzie 056 Mckenzie on horse 065 Abby on horse

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