Friday, December 30, 2011

We headed to the beach this morning. The water was COLD, but that didn't stop Abby or Mckenzie from getting wet. I loved the sound of their screams as the water would splash up on their toes. It was pure delight for them! We had lunch on the beach and played in the water some more. The boys were trying to throw rocks at a buoy not too far from shore with no luck :-) I think they could have stayed there all day trying to hit it!

213 Mckenzie beach 209 Abby 310 Scott Mckenzie b&w 207 Abby 206 Mckenzie 191 Scott 192 Scott 184 Mckenzie 158 Mckenzie Abby 296 Abby 182 Mckenzie 181 Mckenzie 246 Abby Scott 216 Abby 231 Mckenzie 236 Abby 275 Abby 262 Mckenzxie b

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