Saturday, December 3, 2011

Scott took Abby and her friend to buy Christmas presents this morning at a fundraiser for their school. Abby reported that she had a fabulous time picking out gifts. Scott then went with Abby to a Christmas party the base was holding for the children. She got to play games and play in a bounce house, and most importantly tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas! She had lots of fun and was excited to show me her reindeer balloon animal when she got home. Mckenzie had dance this morning and then we came back home to play with play doh. She has been on a play doh kick lately. I wish play doh wasn't so messy. Maybe I should start making homemade play doh for the kids so the dog can clean up the crumbs for me! We took the dog for a walk this afternoon and the girls were happy to get the chance to drive their Jeep around the block.
030 Mckenzie

Buddy wrote the girls a note to let them know they are doing a good job behaving :) 024 Buddy letter 023 Buddy letter

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