Sunday, December 18, 2011

We made it to church and it was so nice to actually sing a Christmas carol. We attend the contemporary service and the band doesn't play too many carols during the Christmas season so it was a great surprise for us today! I really like this service throughout the rest of the year, but at Christmas, I tend to like it a little more traditional. The girls were well behaved today which as an added bonus! We went out to brunch afterwards and enjoyed a good breakfast. We took it easy this afternoon. Scott watched football and the girls played. I ran a couple of errands, one of which was getting the car washed. It looks so much better now, well, at least on the outside. The inside needs a good detailing. Part of me wishes we never let the kids eat in the car... I had Abby help me put the laundry away this evening. Apparently she doesn't like to make a lot of trips up the stairs because she stuffed all her clothes into her pajamas to bring them to her room! She told us that she wanted to be like a mommy! That girl makes me laugh!

I can't decide which view is more funny!
070 Abby 071 Abby

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