Friday, August 12, 2011

The girls and I went to our friend's house to swim this afternoon and Scott stopped by after work. They had so much fun playing even though it was a little cool today. The girls were all sitting on the top step of the pool, eating an ice pop when Mckenzie slipped into the water somehow (she normally wears her puddle jumper, but since she was only going to eat her snack and not swim, I thought she would be OK). She did a great job of treading water until we got into the pool to get her and didn't seem all that scared. I was shaking on the inside but had to keep that "it's all good face" on for the girls. When Scott asked her about her day swimming, the only thing she mentioned was that her friend Ava hit her with a noodle :) We are so lucky that she is OK. It was late by the time we left our friend's house so we headed out for dinner. Mckenzie was so tired that she was asleep in my lap halfway through the meal.

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