Sunday, August 7, 2011

What a fun day! We celebrated Mckenzie's third birthday with a party at the house. We had a great time with our friends and the kids all had a blast. We did get some rain, but the kids were hot and tired from playing in the bounce castle anyway. We had hula hoops and bubbles and the princess bounce castle (which we almost didn't get because the person that rented it yesterday didn't see fit to return it on time. She was two hours late returning it leaving Scott with an hour to drive home from base (a 30 minute drive), set it up and get the rest of the stuff outside set up. We would have set everything up last night, but it was supposed to rain. I was furious that we ended up running around like crazy because of her lack of responsibility. GRRRRR!)  But, the kids had a fabulous time. Mckenzie couldn't get enough of the bounce castle or bubbles. She was super excited with her Strawberry Shortcake cupcake cake (that's a lot of cakes!) and had the biggest smile on her face as we sang happy birthday to her. She ate two cupcakes (well, the frosting off two) and headed back out to bounce again. We are so blessed to have made such wonderful friends here to celebrate her day :) We opened gifts after all her friends left and Abby was such a great helper. She organized all the gifts and wanted to help open them :) We let the kids bounce in the castle for a bit before dinner. I overhead Mckenzie saying to Scott while they were in the bounce castle "You rock it girl!" I think that is one of her favorite expressions! Scott and I managed to roll up the bounce castle and get it into the truck- those things are super heavy! The girls are wiped out from a long day of playing.

005 Mckenzies cake

030 Mckenzie third birthday

016 Mckenzie bubbles

040 Mckenzie presents

049 Mckenzie presents

And please excuse the terrible pictures :(. I think a two year old could have taken better photos! I was obviously having a very off day.

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