Thursday, August 4, 2011

We are dog sitting for a friend today. Lola and Dakota are having a great time running around the house, climbing all over each other and drooling everywhere! I mopped the kitchen floor by 10 am today and I was ready to do it again shortly there after. Messy, messy dogs :) They know how to push each others buttons too. Lola stands on Dakota and Dakota gets back at her by grabbing her legs. Over and over again. But, they are cute together and I know Dakota loves having a playmate :) I tried to get the girls to help me with photos today, but none that I took are looking as good as they should. We ran a couple of errands and stopped by the library on the way home. No books today, only movies. Abby did not want to return any of the books she borrowed yet so we will keep them for a little longer. We have read The Great Race by Kevin O'Malley every day, sometimes several times :) She loves that book. I think I may have to get it so I can use it as a bribe :) Mckenzie has been a little stinker today, but I think she was missing Scott as she perked up when he came home. Too bad he couldn't have made it home earlier as it was bedtime by the time he finally got here.




068 Lola

053 Abby (cropped)

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  1. Just sent ya an email. Next time, we just need to talk!


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