Thursday, August 18, 2011

We Skyped with Scott this morning. The girls were excited to see him and talk to him. It rained off and on again today making outdoor play difficult (thunder and lightening today, not just gentle showers like the other day). Mckenzie's favorite phrase of the day today was "I'm busy." Every time I asked her to come downstairs, whether it was for lunch or to do something else, her response was that she was busy. I just love the sweet little things the kids say :)We did go to the library and run an errand. When we were in the store, we came across some Hello Kitty stuff and Abby was begging me to buy everything for her. She saw a hat first, but the pleading really started when she saw a purse that had purple on it (purple is her favorite color!) I told her we were not at the store to buy ourselves things and that she would just have to wait for Christmas. Abby asked me if Santa could hear her and I told her yes. The next thing I heard was "Santa, I want the Hello Kitty purse and hat and shirt and skirt for Christmas." It was too cute.  We did bought crayons to cut up and melt into a different shape just for something to do. The girls wanted to help peel the paper off the crayons, but each quit before even finishing one crayon. They loved watching me chop the crayons into small pieces and I let them fill the muffin tin with the pieces. Abby was blown away that the crayons turned to a liquid in the oven and was even more shocked when I told her once they were cool, they would be hard again. I can't wait until tomorrow when the girls can actually use their new crayons :)

007 crayons 013 crayons 028 mckenzie making crayons 033 Abby making crayons

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