Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Abby ended up sleeping with me last night. I'm not sure why she came to my room and she couldn't remember when I asked her this morning. We ran some errands  this morning and I was excited to find hula hoops. Even better was the price as it was less than half what I was willing to spend and I had a coupon too :) Gotta love a good deal. So, other than buying the food, I think everything is coming together for Mckenzie's party. Now if only we could get the neighbor to trim his evergreen trees that are overgrowing our yard I would be so happy. The girls went swimming this afternoon and the water was much warmer today. They had so much fun playing in the water. I ended up soaking wet myself as I slipped in the pool as I was trying to drain it! At least the girls got a good laugh out of it! I learned today that Abby is willing to help me fold clothes and put them away. This is like a dream come true to me. I absolutely loathe folding clothes and I am ecstatic to have another helper!!! (Scott is usually my helper. OK OK. He is the laundry folder and I am just the helper :) )

033 Mckenzie pouring water on Abby

034 copy Mckenzie wb

I am a little worried about my last assignment for my photography workshop. I can only turn in one photo and it is supposed to be the best photo. This is way too much pressure for me. I feel like I am in a terrible rut and take the same photos every day. The only thing that changes is the clothes the girls are wearing (and lately, they are wearing the same swimsuit in every photo I take!) I have no idea what to photograph or where to even take the photo. I am hoping I find some inspiration soon...

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  1. Create a moment (in good light, hehe)! Try several different angles, from above, get on your belly, from far away, up close. Do you have a sprinkler? Those make good outdoor photos!

    And why am I not surprised you fell in the pool? lol


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