Saturday, August 13, 2011

Scott took Abby to get a school physical done today. She ended up needed a shot that she should have gotten when she had her other 4 year old shots, but it was somehow overlooked. Scott said she did great (cried a little bit). Mckenzie and I spent the morning cleaning house and folding laundry. I should say I did that while Mckenzie watched a movie and played on my iPhone :) How fun would it be to be young again and have not a care in the world? Scott and I had a date this afternoon/evening. It was so nice to have that one on one time. We test drove a car and then headed to a matinee and dinner. We were home before the girls were in bed and it sounds like they had a fun time playing outside and playing hide and seek. Abby was so excited to tell me all the places she hid. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful babysitter that actually plays with the girls. We didn't want our babysitter to have to put Mckenzie to bed since she has just recently given up the pacifier.

009 Abby
008 Mckenzie


The girls love orange pop and were excited to get some today (can you tell Daddy was the one to go to the grocery store last? ;-) )

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