Wednesday, August 24

Mckenzie woke up around 5 this morning demanding orange juice and I was thinking our day was going to start a bit earlier than I would care for, but luckily, she drank her orange juice and fell back to sleep until almost 9! (and don't tell our dentist I didn't brush her teeth after drinking her OJ!) The girls played out back this morning and I wondered what was going on when I saw each girl carrying out several stuffed animals. Turns out they were playing school and the animals were their friends. They even organized the chairs to make a bus so they could ride to school. We went to Chick fil A for lunch again today. Mckenzie's preschool was holding a fundraiser there so we went in hopes of running into some friends. Abby was super excited to see one of her teachers from this past year and talked to her for at least 10 minutes. The girls had their last day of gymnastics today :( I was actually pretty sad for them because I know how much they enjoy going. But both girls have said they would rather do ballet than gymnastics so we will give that a try. I tried getting the girls to be earlier tonight in hopes of getting on schedule for school, but no such luck. Abby was still awake at 9pm and Mckenzie didn't fall asleep until 10pm. And yes, I ended up lying on her floor until she fell asleep again because as she puts it "I can't sleep without you Mommy". I chatted with Scott tonight and it sounds like he is really roughing it these days. Great hotel, beautiful scenery. Wish I could trade places for just a few hours... I took some photos earlier, but I need to charge my battery before I can upload anything. Maybe I will get to it tomorrow night...

005 the bus driver  004 Abby Mckenzie bus 016 Abby 011 Mckenzie 026 Abby Mckenzie last day of gymnastics 027 abby last day of gymnastics 029 Mckenzie last day of gymnastics

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