Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mckenzie's last day as a two year old. Where does the time go? I think tonight was the first night in a long time that the girls sat through the entire meal and ate their dinners without having to prod them to eat the entire time. We normally have to play games to get one or both to eat so it was a nice change :) I ran to the store tonight to pick up a gift for Mckenzie. Tonight is her last night with her pacifier and tomorrow at bedtime, she will leave it to the pacifier fairy. She only uses it at bedtime so I am a little worried that we will have a few long nights ahead of us, but I managed to break her habit of using it during the day all by myself so I think together we can break this habit too!!!! Send prayers and positive thoughts our way tomorrow please :) I tried to get some photos of her today. I think a few turned out OK (cc welcome :)) 
013 Mckenzie b&w 014 copy Mckenzie db 025 Mckenzie 028 Mckezie b&w 034 Mckenzie

This was her way of telling me she was all done with the photos for the day! 036 Mckenzie

It rained tonight (as well as much of the day) and there was a gorgeous, absolutely amazing double rainbow when I was leaving the store. I rushed home to get my camera thinking I would be able to capture the moment and it didn't turn out anything like it looked in the sky :(
039 rainbow

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