009 Dakota

The girls were looking through old photos the other day and I was shocked at how many photos we had of Bailey, our old dog. And then I felt guilty because we don't have that many of Dakota. She is a great dog. Playful, gentle with the little ones. She is so sweet and we are lucky that she is part of our family. The girls love to play fetch with her and run circles in the house. She may be stinky and a bed hog when Scott is away, but I wouldn't trade her for anything :)

Abby was beyond excited that she got to go over to one of her school friends' house today. I had sent a note to the little girls mom with our contact info and she called to see if we could come over to play. The girls got along really well and were making plans to get together again! Mckenzie came along too, but she preferred to play by herself instead of with the big girls or with the little brother. I love that she is happy to entertain herself.

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