We went to an Easter egg hunt at church this morning. They held an short children's service to talk about the holiday and then followed that with the egg hunt. The girls had lots of fun and were excited to sort through their eggs. We took the girls to lunch, but they requested that we go to a different Chick fil A than the one we normally go to. They both had fun running around the play area. Mckenzie had a movie night with her friends from school. One of the moms invited the little ones over to watch The Muppets and have pizza. Turns out they didn't watch much of the movie, but danced and played dress up instead. Mckenzie had fun and asked when she could go back to play again. We went out to dinner while Mckenzie was at her friend's. We tried a new restaurant and while it was tasty, the portions were ridiculously huge and it felt very wasteful. 026 Mckenzie Mckenzie has started to follow the lens of the camera. So if I angle it downward, she starts looking down and we end up with silly pics like this :) 028 Abby Happy with her Easter hunt finds!

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