Mckenzie had fun at her swim class again. I just enjoy watching her. She is growing more independent all the time and I am so thankful for that. I did get in trouble at her class though today. At the end of class, I walked to the side of the pool to give Mckenzie her towel and apparently, the teacher doesn't like that. I was politely told to wait on the other side from now on. Oops! I just wanted to see if I could keep Mckenzie from freezing since it takes her the entire drive home before she starts warming up. I will have to figure something else out I guess.
Abby came home from school with a note about head lice. Apparently one of the children in the afternoon class has it and the school was nice enough to inform the morning parents too. YUCK. I really hope Abby doesn't get it. She also had some class gossip to share. A couple of the kids in her class have been so naughty lately that they are no longer able to sit at the tables with the other children. They have been given desks of their own. I am so glad that Abby isn't one of those children. She is most definitely a rule follower. She may not like following the rules and will whine all day about doing it, but she likes to do the right thing. I hope that lasts forever!

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