Mckenzie was in the mood to put puzzles together this morning so that is what we did. She put a couple of them together 3 or 4 times each! We did take a couple breaks to do laundry. She is quite the helper when it comes to folding wash cloths!

I took the girls to the park again this afternoon. They were both overjoyed that it was nice enough to spend the afternoon outside again. I was just glad to get away from the laundry that needed to be folded :) A friend met us at the park and the girls had fun running around together.

On the way to church tonight, Abby kept asking Mckenzie if she was going to sing with the children's choir tonight. Apparently Mckenzie got tired of her asking because she said with exasperation in her voice "How many times to I have to tell ya no?" I couldn't stop myself from laughing the way she was moving her hands and just the way she said it. I am sure this is one of those moments you had to see to fully appreciate but it was funny. Even Abby laughed! Mckenzie did join Abby for choir but only made it halfway through before she came out sobbing. Poor girl missed her momma!

We are trying to get Abby to sleep without sucking her thumb again tonight. She is struggling to go to sleep and she is still awake and it is almost 10pm! But, at least she is up in her room by herself instead of me or Scott having to lay with her. I take this as progress. She has three nights under her belt and I am hoping tonight is the fourth!

005 Mckenzie

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