Mckenzie was excited to be leader in her Chef class today. There are only a handful of kids so I didn't have to stay today. Instead I came home for a quick run and then I headed back to school for the last half of her Chef class. She got the biggest smile on her face when I walked in the room. Today they made pigs in a blanket. Mckenzie peeled away the breading before eating the hot dog. She refused to eat the bread, but was more than happy to eat grapes and strawberries dipped in ketchup! She sure has interesting taste. Last night she dipped her apples in sour cream!

Abby had a friend over this afternoon and the squeals that came from upstairs were so fun to listen to. They had a blast playing together! They dressed up as princesses and played with the race cars.

We went outside for a little bit this afternoon, but we didn't stay for long. My allergies started acting up again :( I love spring, but I loathe it at the same time!
Great news! Scott finally got a bib for the Broad Street run so it looks like we both will be running! Yippee!!!

021 Abby

029 Mckenzie

031 tree

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