I took the girls shopping this afternoon. I needed to pick up some games to put in a basket for a PTA raffle. I am a little frustrated with the whole thing because out of a class of 23, I only had four people send in donations! The girls were a little upset at how many games I was buying and none were for them! So I caved and bought them a movie. They both love Barbie movies and Barbie in A Mermaid Tale 2 was on sale at Target and it came with a free Barbie doll so I knew I just had to get it for them. They watched it when we got home and begged to watch it again!

Scott got home a little earlier than usual and he decided to take the girls to the Fun Zone with a friend and his daughter. Unfortunately, it was way too busy by the time they arrived and they ended up going out for dinner instead. The girls really enjoyed going out with Daddy and I enjoyed a little time to myself!

005 Mermaid Tail

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  1. Barbie is my favorite photography model. She only moves when I want her to. :)

    I feel ya on the PTA participation. I'm helping to organize our PTO silent auction right now and it can be really difficult to get other parents to help! Let me know if you figure out any good solutions.