We attended church this morning. It has been way too long since we have been there. It was nice to go and I hope this will help us get back into going regularly again.

After a quick lunch and a little deer sighting in our neighborhood, we headed to Philly for the afternoon. We have been meaning to visit the Franklin Institute for quite awhile now and we finally made it there today. What an interesting museum! We all really enjoyed it and I hope we made time to visit again. We watched an IMAX film called Tornado Alley that portrayed storm chasers. Abby really enjoyed it and loved pointing out all the tornadoes as they formed. Mckenzie was full of funnies during the movie. Before the movie started, they announced that no photography was allowed. Mckenzie looked at me, dead serious, and said "I know you like to take photos, but not here!" Then when the movie started, she looked around and said "Why are we moving? We are moving!" I think it took her a good bit of time to realize that we were not really moving but it seemed like it since the screen practically surrounds you. That girl makes me chuckle. There were so many things to see and we didn't even get through all the areas. One of the girls' favorites was a large heart that we walked through. It shows how blood flows through the body. Very cool. There is a sports arena that the girls enjoyed too. 006 deer Our deer:) There were at least four of them hanging out in the trees across the road.

039 Ben Franklin

010 Abby

The dinosaur exhibit was amazing!

020 dinosaur

022 dinosaur tooth

031 Abby Scott

030 mckenzie scott

027 shaq's shoe

034 mckenzie

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