Mckenzie went on a field trip with her preschool today. I wish I could have gone with, but we wouldn't have made it home before Abby's bus. So, my friend took Mckenzie along with her daughter. Mckenzie had fun, although I think she was more excited about the soft pretzel Ms. Dee bought for her :)

The fish seemed to have adjusted to the water and Mckenzie's fish no longer looks like he has one fin in the grave! Yesterday, he didn't move much at all and today he was swimming around quite a bit more so I am hoping that is a positive sign.

Abby made us laugh at the dinner table tonight. I was complaining that my knee and leg hurt and she came over to my side of the table and with the most serious, concerned look on her face asked " Can I help you stand up Mommy?" I couldn't keep a straight face and neither could Scott. I don't think either one of us expected to hear that from our kids for many, many years!

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