I took Mckenzie to her dance class today and was lucky enough to get to watch the kiddos perform their tap number for the recital this coming June. It was adorable! If I ever sync my phone, I will upload the video. Otherwise, check it out on my facebook wall. We took the girls to lunch at Pei Wei and then we stopped by a park on the way home. My allergies have been acting up like crazy so I have been a *little* crabby but we were able to play for a little bit. I am thankful the girls's allergies are under control for now. Mckenzie has a tendency to get stuffy very quickly. Scott was great and let me relax while he played outside with the kids. Well, Abby didn't want to go outside because of the potential for bees but Mckenzie had a lot of fun playing outside. Abby just stayed inside and played a new game on her iPod. I hope she gets over this fear of bees soon!

021 flower

027 flower

020 flower

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