I feel like such a bad mom. I forgot to send Abby's library book to school with her today. Luckily the librarian is super nice and let Abby check out another book as long as she promised to bring the other one back tomorrow. Abby was so excited about school today and about going to the libraray. I get so excited when she wants to tell me all about her day! I picked her up from class and as we were walking towards the car, she said "Look at that smokin' hot car" in regards to my car. I guess she thinks the dealership did a nice job on the detail too!

Mckenzie's allerigies were better today. She was still snotty, but she wasn't coughing all day long. She was just happy that it was warm enough to play outside at school.

Abby got to dance in her recital costume at dance today. I didn't get to see it because they were in the one dance studio that has no windows, but she was very happy about it. After dance, I took the girls to the school book fair and let them pick out a couple of books each. Mckenzie was pumped to go and as soon as we got there, she started complaining that she was hungry and thirsty. Gotta love a three year old temperament!

001 Abby This girl just loves my her iPad!!!

004 Mckenzie

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