Mckenzie's allergies have been acting up lately. She spent a good portion of the night coughing and the better part of her day wiping her nose :( She is a yucky mess of snot! At least her friend didn't mind when she went to her house to play today. I volunteered in Abby's classroom today. It is always interesting as there are some very strong willed children in that class! Today was a little different because there is a book fair going on right now and we got to take the children to library so they could browse the selection of books and pick out three they would like to purchase. Abby's favorite choice was a Sponge Bob book. Ever since we let her watch that show (don't judge me. I realize not everyone thinks Sponge Bob is appropriate for younger kids) she can't get enough of it.

Abby had a friend over today and I have to say it was a bit of a challenge to fit three car seats in the backseat of our courtesy car from the dealership (they couldn't finish detailing it yesterday). I did manage to get all the girls in, but they were snug as a bug in a rug!

Abby lost her second tooth today!! It took some help from Daddy this time but together, they got it done! She is so proud of herself, but she is a little freaked out of the Tooth Fairy. She insists she heard the Tooth Fairy last time and didn't want her in her room this time. So, Abby's tooth is in its special pouch outside her bedroom door. I guess my the Tooth Fairy's job will be much easier tonight. And hopefully a little quieter!

016 Abby

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