Abby has been very successful with not sucking her thumb at night anymore. I don't even catch her sucking it during the day when she is bored. I am so proud of how hard she is working to break this habit. I know it will be some time before she doesn't want to suck it anymore (don't they say it takes 21 days to make something a habit?) but she has been quite the trooper. So, in order to reward her good efforts, we took her shopping for a fish. She was beyond excited and could hardly contain herself at the store. We let her pick out her own fish (a goldfish) and then Mckenzie picked out hers (a goldfish as well). Abby settled on one right away. She liked how it had a different colored belly than the rest of the fish. The first fish Mckenzie picked out wouldn't get along with a goldfish so we told her to choose something else. She was a little upset and said "But he's all alone." Such a sweet girl wanting to adopt the fish that was all alone in his tank. I see a lot of rescue animals in her future! She settled on a goldfish that was swimming kind of funny because it made her laugh. Unfortunately, the gal at the store said it was sick and we had to pick out another one. Third times a charm I guess!

At dinner tonight, Scott was teasing the girls about wearing earrings. He said he wears earrings when he goes to work. Abby looked to me to confirm this statement. She has learned that Scott teases a lot. Mckenzie, called Scott out saying "You are a liar!" and pointed her finger at him. It was hilarious!

031 Abby

I just realized while editing the photos that the button on Abby's dress popped open!

033 Mckenzie Why shouldn't she wear a crown to fish shop?!

035 fish

036 fish

039 Abby Mckenzie

038 fish

044 fish Mckenzie's has the black on the tail.

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