We got our treadmill delivered and set up today! I am so glad it is finally here! I am looking forward to using it. The kids were excited to see it too. I guess they think it will be a fun toy for them! Scott tried it out this evening and seemed pretty pleased with it. He is glad to have a treadmill again so he can work out a little more often.

Whenever I pick the girls up from school, they both run towards me as fast as they can. Mckenzie gears up to run at me by pawing her feet on the ground and then laughs the whole time she is running. Abby gets this super serious look on her face and today for the first time, she nearly knocked me over! That girl is getting so big!

The girls had a sitter tonight so I could go to Zumba and she painted their nails. I will try to take a photo tomorrow because she put a lot of work into it!

005 Abby

008 tree bud

010 tree bud

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  1. Love that last one Barb!!! I finished day 2 of Couch 2 5K yesterday! One day each week on the treadmill, two days pushing Bray! That boy is a workout!!!!!