Another Monday :) I got an hour run in this morning while the girls were at school. I guess that counteracts the Chick fil A we had for lunch. We met some friends there and the girls got to play for a bit. I took the girls shoe shopping afterwards. It was fun because both girls kept looking for shoes for me to buy. The ones they picked were very interesting. All very high heeled and crazy patterns or bright colors. They were disappointed I didn't get a pair of purple stilettos. I asked Abby where I could where them since they don't seem like the right kind of shoe to drop the kiddos at school and she said I could wear them on a date :)

Bedtime was much better for Abby tonight. She didn't need to read a dozen books before settling down to sleep. I hope this means she is starting to get used to life without thumb sucking! 036 mckenzie

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