Mckenzie had dance this morning. I was a little disappointed they didn't ask us to watch the kids perform. It was so cute to see them do it last week. Scott took Abby to a princess roller skating birthday party today. She really enjoyed skating. Maybe I will buy her a pair of roller blades if she keeps doing so well on giving up thumbsucking :)

We took the girls for a ride to the beach this afternoon. We were hoping the boardwalk would have been a little busier, but it still is the off season so none of the rides were running. The girls still had fun watching the waves crash into the shore. They wanted to take their shoes off and run in the water, but it was way too chilly for that!

We stopped for dinner on the way home. The girls were good, but I think it helped that the food was delivered very quickly and there were a lot of big tvs to watch.

002 mckenzie abby

004 rocks

007 bird

011 beach

013 Abby

015 mckenzie

026 beach

029 Abby Scott Mckenzie

035 beach

mckenzie scott abby

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