Both girls had a dental cleaning today. Abby did great. She always does :) She was so excited to show her dentist her missing teeth and to find out what he was going to say about that. Mckenzie had a pretty rough visit. She didn't like the flavor of the stuff used to clean her teeth or of the fluoride. She cried. She held her mouth shut and then she cried some more. But, we managed to get her teeth cleaned. It didn't surprise me that she reacted this way. Last time, she didn't like it and lately, she has been having trouble when we brush her teeth. I just hope this is a phase and she grows out of it soon!

Tonight was Dad's night at preschool for Mckenzie. This is the first time he has ever gotten to attend a Dad's night at preschool since he was on a trip both times he could have gone for Abby. Scott and Mckenzie had fun. She was excited to show Scott around the school and pointing out all the details of the classroom to him. They traced their hand prints and glued them to a paper with a special poem and they painted bird houses and had a snack. Oh, and they played with play doh :) Mckenzie loves the play doh.

Abby was a bit jealous that Mckenzie and Scott had a special date. She was acting out at dinner and was grumpy and clinging to me during her choir practice. It took her a good couple of hours before she snapped out of her funk.

004 Mckenzie

008 MCkenzie

012 Mckenzie

016 Scott Mckenzie

018 Scott Mckenzie

Abby wanted a picture with Daddy, but she didn't want to smile.

023 Scott Abby

024 Abby Barb Mckenzie

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