So, we woke up bright and early this morning in anticipation of our new treadmill only to be disappointed when it arrived broken :( Luckily they are able to deliver another one midweek. Hopefully this one will be in better shape! Mckenzie was super cranky so we put her down for a nap. She hasn't been sleeping well and was up late the last two nights so an afternoon rest was well needed! Abby, Scott, and I played Trouble while she napped. Abby had this funny giggle every time she knocked one of Scott's players back to start and she felt bad whenever she did that to me. Poor Scott didn't stand a chance with the two of us trying to make him lose!

I took Abby to a birthday party for a friend. I am not sure whether she had more fun with the pinata or watching her friend open her gifts. (It seems most people around here don't open the gifts until after the party is over) So, when her friend was opening her gifts Abby announced to me what was happening and she had the biggest smile on her face! Abby really enjoyed herself so I am glad we were able to attend.

It was such a gorgeous day here that Scott spent the afternoon doing yard work and Mckenzie rode around in her Mustang. She loves that car. So does Abby. When we got home, the two of them rode in the car together and Abby kept driving them into the trees. Both of them would laugh hysterically and do it all over again. I hope they curb this habit before they start driving for real!

Today was one of those days that things moved smoothly and reminded me of how wonderful and amazing it is to be a mom. Most days aren't this easy so when they come along, it is truly a blessing!

If only the evening could have been as easy though. Abby is working on not sucking her thumb at night. We bought her a Thumbuster which a cloth glove for her thumb. She can take it off on her own so it really is just a reminder to not suck her thumb instead of a way to prevent it. This is only her second night of using it and it was very hard for her. She has sucked her thumb and held her Lamb to her face while she was doing it since she was just a couple of months old. She won't hold her lamb anymore because that triggers her to suck her thumb so she is not only losing the comfort of her thumb, but of her Lamb as well. It took her two hours to fall asleep tonight and we had to lay with her to get her to do so. It is going to take a lot of strength for her to do this and a heck of a lot of patience from Scott and I!

067 weber

068 weber

074 burger Obviously this is Scott's burger. I don't care for onions :)

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