Mckenzie blew me away this morning with her ability to entertain herself. She played all alone while I ran for an hour, only coming downstairs when I had less than 30 seconds left to run! Granted her room looked like a tornado just came through, but she was happy and didn't throw a fit.

The girls played in the garage this afternoon. My allergies were starting to act up so I didn't want to be outside . They had so much fun finding buckets with sand in them and then getting water from the house to make sand castles. They didn't make any sand castles with the tiny bit of sand they had, but they sure made a wet mess of the floor.

I think we may have stumbled on a way to get Abby to go to sleep a little earlier. She was actually sleeping before 10pm and that is a first since she stopped sucking her thumb.

Check out her nails!
002 mckenzie

Crushing graham crackers for the bars we made today! 006 Abby

008 tree

013 flowers

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