Scott took Mckenzie to dance this morning. Abby and I stayed home and I painted her nails. She asked if we could go get a manicure and a pedicure, but since I was just there last night to get a manicure myself, I said I would paint them for her instead. She loves to be pampered :)

We all went out for lunch our favorite Chinese restaurant. Of all the places we eat, I think this one is the place we don't have to constantly remind the girls to eat. They both love Chinese food and use chopsticks better than Scott and me! I blame my parents for not introducing me to Chinese food as a child. Not sure what Scott's excuse is! (I'm just kidding. If I remember correctly, I should probably thank my parents for not taking me to the local Chinese restaurant as a child!)

We took the kids the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. This museum has so much to offer and the kids didn't want to leave they were having so much fun! There is a carousel from the early 1900's, a water play area, a transportation station, a city center area, and even a space area. Aside from a few pushy people it was a great afternoon. For example, the Dad that gave Mckenzie the evil eye. (Surprisingly Scott is the one who noticed and not me!) Mckenzie was waiting in line to shoot her 2 (like the sign said) rockets and a little girl cut in front of Mckenzie. So when that girl finished, we told Mckenzie to go and that is when the dad glared at her for "cutting" in front of him. Seriously, get over yourself. This is a children's museum, not dad's play place. Take you and your 10 rockets somewhere else!

On the way home, we stopped off for dinner. Abby ran into one of her school friends. It is so interesting to see how excited she gets when she sees them outside of school. The girls got ice cream with their dinner and Abby actually tried something other than chocolate and vanilla. She tried mint chocolate chip for the first time and LOVED it! Mckenzie wouldn't give it a second look much less a first taste. She was more than content with her vanilla.

050 Please Touch Museum

034 Please Touch Museum

042 Abby Scott Mckenzie

043 Abby Mckenzie

049 Mckenzie

052 Abby

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