Another Monday :) At least we got out of the house on time and the girls weren't late for school. I made it to the gym while the girls were at school. 3 miles today! I can't wait until I can do 5 or 6 at a time. We met some friends at the park this afternoon. It was nice to chat with my friend while the girls played. The warmth of the sun felt so good and even though Abby and I got a little red, it was so worth it! Mckenzie kept her coat and hood on most of the time so she managed to avoid getting red at all. I can't imagine how warm she was running around in her jacket, but she never complained! Abby had swim lessons this afternoon. The lifeguard had to talk to Abby because she kept bobbing up and down in the water and letting go of the edge. Abby looked embarrassed that she got into trouble and settled down. After that, she barely let go of the edge even when her teacher told her she could!

061 white weeds

I know these are just weeds, but they are so pretty :)

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