Mckenzie actually enjoyed the food she helped make in her chef class today. They made monkey bread and she ate it! She is pretty picky so it was nice to hear she liked it! Mckenzie was pretty congested with her allergies again today so i decided to keep the girls inside even though it was 70 degrees out there! I hope we can find something that works for her so I don't have to keep her inside all spring!

Abby had a friend over this afternoon and it was so fun to listen to them. I kept hearing "this is the best day ever! We are having a long play date!" They watched Toy Story and ate some popcorn. The dog was in heaven with all the popcorn she lucked into! Abby finally blew a bubble with her bubble gum! She was beyond excited and has been wanting to show everyone!

001 girls

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  1. Just found your blog from a comment on Click It Up A Notch. The b&w is perfect for this photo! I love how the light is spilling in over their adorable heads. What a sweet moment!