I got to be in Mckenzie's classroom today which meant that Mckenzie was the leader. She LOVES to be the leader. The leader gets to line up first and ring the clean up bell. Very important stuff!

The girls rode their bikes to the park this afternoon. Mckenzie was tired by the time we got there. Normally she gets a ride in the stroller, but she wanted to ride her trike. Abby was fine once we were at the park, but on the bike ride, she kept freaking out over bees. She would stop her bike, insisting she just had a near miss with a bee and start sobbing. I have no idea what to do with this kid and her fear of bees!

Abby actually swam today without using a floaty at her swim lessons. It wasn't pretty, but she did it! I am so proud of her for working so hard!

So the fish we bought yesterday don't seem to be adjusting to their new home. They are fidgeting and slowing down. I am afraid that they will not make it through the night. We have a plan so we don't have to deal with heartbreak in the morning but that will only work if they die overnight. So let hope for a quick death or a miraculous recovery!

So in honor of our fish, here they are again.

Mckenzie Grace Riley Lucky Penny
004 mckenzie grace riley lucky penny

Sparkle McKayla Riley 005 sparkle mckayla riley

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  1. My daughter became extremely afraid of bees at about 2. We spent almost all summer inside and tried to make ourselves as unattractive to bees as possible when we went outside. I'm sure it doesn't help that I also have a fear of bees. :-/ She's still anxious around them (she's almost 8), but it's not nearly as bad as that first summer.

    My son, on the other hand, did not become afraid of bees until he was bitten by two wasps within three weeks the summer he turned three.

    Good luck with it!